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Jan. 2024


MSA münster school of architecture


Chengying Wang_
Tzu Heng Fang

EDEN city_sound and colour_Alabama Shakes
A new world hangs outside the window
Beautiful and strange
It must be I've fallen away
I must be
Sound and color with me for my mind
And the ship shows me where to go when I needn't speak
Not far now
Not far now
Not far now
Sound and color
With me in my mind
Sound and color
Try to keep yourself awake
Sound and color
This life ain't like it was
Sound and color
I wanna touch a human being
Sound and color
I want to go back to sleep
Sound and color
Ain't life just awful strange?
Sound and color
I wish I never gave it all away
Sound and color
No more to see the setting of the sun
Sound and color

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